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a retrospective trip, 1944 to 2016, Robert and Georgia to Donald and Carol

Because he FOUGHT for Omaha Beach we can go visit THE beach!!!

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Departure Day -2

We are in the process of the final preparations for our journey to follow Dad’s path during WWII in 1944.

Portsmouth 194-

Portsmouth Garrison Church, around the time Grandpa would have been coming through..  I just needed pic to post from my mobile to test but we could see when this church was bombed and obviously if it was bombed before 1944… Continue Reading →

Omaha Beach Landing

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Basic Map of WWII trek across Europe

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Disillusioned with his life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and moves to Pacific Beach. There, he undergoes a radical transformation into SLOMO, trading his lab coat for a pair of rollerblades and his IRA for a… Continue Reading →

Creepers, the new thing?

[spb_text_block padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer imperdiet iaculis ipsum aliquet ultricies. Sed a tincidunt enim. Maecenas ultrices viverra ligula, vel lobortis ante pulvinar sed. Donec erat magna, aliquam vitae semper vitae,… Continue Reading →

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